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I am posting this here for the convenience of anypony who has not successfully located the link but who would still like a complete list of all the interactive blogs on Tumblr that give the effect of interacting with an MLP character:


  Mane Cast

Twilight Sparkle (Drawn)(Monthly) (Drawn) (Drawn)(NSFW) (Text)

Pinkie Pie (Drawn) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Text) (Text) (Text) (Drawn)(Pinkamena)(NSFW)

Applejack (Drawn) (Drawn) (Mixed)

Rainbow Dash (Drawn) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Text) (Text) (Text) (Text) (Text)

Rarity (Drawn) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Mixed)(SortOfAskBlog)

Fluttershy (Drawn)  (Mixed) (Mixed) (Text) (Text) (Drawn)(NSFW)

Cutie Mark Crusaders

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Applebloom (Drawn) (Drawn) (Text)

Sweetie Belle (Mixed)

Scootaloo (Drawn) (Drawn) (Mixed) (Text) (Drawn)(Pinkamena)(NSFW) (Text)(Pinkamena)

Multiple Ponies

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Various (Drawn)

Cutie Mark Crusaders (Text)

Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie (Drawn)(SortOfAskBlog)

Trixie, Snips, Snails (Mixed)

Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash (Drawn)

The Pie Sisters (Drawn)

Side Ponies

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Alula (Drawn)

Archer (Text)

Beauty Brass (Text)

Berry Punch / OPPP (Drawn)

Big Macintosh (Drawn) (Text)

Carrot Top (Text)

Cheerilee (Drawn)

Cloud Kicker (Text)

Colgate / Romana (Text) (Text)

Diamond Mint (Text)

Dinky Hooves / Dinky Doo (Drawn) (Drawn) (Text)


http://ask— (Drawn) (Drawn) (Text) (Text) (Text)

Doctor Whooves / Dr Whooves (Drawn) (Text)

Flashbulb (Drawn)

Frédéric Horseshoepin / Frederic (Text)

Granny Smith (Text)

Guard Pony / Royal Guard Pony #2 (Text)

Hoity-Toity (Mixed)

Lily (Drawn)

Lotus (Text)

Lyra (Drawn) (Text) (Text)(Seapony)

Mrs. Cake (Mixed)

Nurse Redheart

http://ask— (Text)

Nurse Tenderheart (Text)

Nightmare Moon (Text)

Octavia (Mixed) (Text)

Pony Joe (Text)

Princess Celestia (Drawn) (Trollestia) (Mixed)(Molestia)  (Text)(Trollestia) (Text)(Carlestia)

Princess Luna (Drawn) (Mixed) (Text) (Text)

Roseluck  (Drawn) (Text)

Ruby Pinch (Drawn)

Shadowbolts (Text)

Silver Spoon (Drawn)

Silver Star (Text)

Soarin’ (Text)

Spitfire (Text)

Snails (Text)

Snips (Drawn)

Sugar Song (Text)

Thunder Rush (Mixed)

Trixie / The Great and Powerful Trixie (Drawn) (Text) (Text) (Text)

Tracy Flash / Shutterfly (Text)

Vinyl Scratch / DJ-PON3 / DJ Pon3 (Drawn) (Drawn) (Drawn) (Text) (Text) (Text) (Text)(Vinyl’s Turntables)


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Surpise (Drawn)(Concept Pony)

Diamond Dogs (Drawn)

Ursa Major (Drawn)

Spike (Mixed)

Star Catcher (Text)(G1/2 pony)

Philomena (Text)

An Apple Pie (Text)

Gilda the Griffon (Text)

Krastos the Glue Maker  (Text)

Basil the Dragon (Text)

Gender Swap/Rule 63

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Sluggs (Snails) (Mixed)(Filly)

Dusk Shine (Twilight Sparkle) (Text)

Rainbow Blitz (Rainbow Dash) (Text)(Colt)

AppleJack (Applejack) (Text)(Colt)

Butterscotch (Fluttershy) (Text)(Colt)

Spines (Spike) (Text)

Elusive (Rarity) (Text)(Colt)


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Nyx (8-Bit Drawn)

The Blanks / Sunny Town (Drawn) (Text)

OC Ponies

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(Note: Not checked very often, sorry.)

Kits Pony (Drawn)(NSFW)

Lunar Apologist (Drawn)

Spotlight (Drawn)

Copic Pen, Last Call (Drawn)

Shooting Starbow (Drawn)

Virtue (Drawn)

Kudas (Drawn)

Crescen (Drawn)

Midnight Shadow (Drawn)

Pastel (Drawn)

Love Light (Drawn)

Venonat (Drawn)

Argembarger (Drawn)

Scoops Inkstain (Drawn)

Fluttershy Pie (Drawn)

Lovecolt (Audio)

LazyDay (Mixed)  

Forte Feather (Mixed)

Fetchbeer (Mixed)

Equestrian Inquisition  (Text)

Phyrric Victory (Text)

Erudition Bolt (Text)

Starbuck (Text)

Cinder (Text)

Harmonia  (Text)

Galaxior (Text)

Green Mane (Text)

Snow Flake (Text)

Gestapony (Text)

Vicious Cloud (Text)

Saburou (Text)

Delponies / BMW / Windows (Text)

Chiaki (Text)

Lizzy (Text)

Crystal Heart (Text)

Firefly (Text)

Mythic Swarm (Text)

Crystal Heart (Text)

Dodger (Text)

Aponi (Text)

Electric Riff (Text)

Aurora Star (Text)

Chocolate Mousse (Text)

Leeroy Wingkins (Text)

Moondancer (Text)

Star Dream (Text)

Nostalgia Pony (Text)

Steam (Text)

Typewryter (Text)

Sturmpony (Text)

Nova Sparks (Text)

Miss Isis (Text)

Mozzarella (Text)

Umbra Eclipse (Text)

Alex Wingace (Text)

Regal Lace (Text)

Darkly Dare (Text)

Rory (Text)

Compu Pony (Text)

Derp Muffin (Text)

Deathcharger (Text)

Professor Coltbalt (Text)

Tuh Pink Avenger (Text)

Icarus Gear (Text)

Obsidian Storm (Text)

Thunderbolt (Text)

Caesar (Text)

Strawberry Glory (Text)

Unusual Crate (Text)

Flash Point (Text)

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